Daughters of Isabella

Daughters of IsabellaFrom 1897 to Today

The first circle of the Daughters of Isabella was founded in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1897 as an auxiliary to the Rev. John Russell Council of the Knights of Columbus. Its purpose was to unite all Catholic women in a sisterhood to achieve the following aims:

  • To know one another better
  • To extend our circle of friends
  • To be a greater force to contend with in the pursuit of good in society
  • To centralize all our resources to better help one another

Today, it is one of the largest Catholic women's organizations, with a membership of over 60,000 women from the United States and Canada and has continued to prosper and establish bonds among Catholic women throughout the world. Members encourage each other's total development and foster growth of every aspect of life - spiritual, social and charitable--adding up to a more fulfilling life!

Mission Statement

The Order of the Daughters of Isabella is a charitable organization of Catholic women founded on the principle of its motto: Unity, Friendship and Charity.

We come together as a sisterhood to uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church, bringing spiritual benefits to our members and contributing to the common good of humanity.

By our faith we are called to serve, inspired and challenged to do God's work.

We are committed to foster individual participation by way of mutual understanding, charitable activities and social interaction.

As we strive for the development of all that is best and truest in womanhood, we emerge in our communities as a positive influence to uphold the high ideals of life and morals.


Daughters of Isabella, Maine State Circle

Daughters of Isabella, International